: The Latest Craze
Samstag, 17. Juni 2006
The Latest Craze
Dear music lovver!

This blog is dedicated to good music or at least what I consider to be good music. In the end it's 100 percent subjectivity. But I suppose that is what are blogs about. Pure subjectivistic babblings. But to be honest: I want to cut out the private matters (because you aren't interested anyway) and concentrate on FEATURES and SHORT INTERVIEWS with new cool bands from all over the world. Musical boundaries don't exist, only quality matters.

Furthermore I want my blog to be forum for discussion about new cool music. Sounds pretty idealistic, but whatever ...

The language will be a mix between german and english.

The first feature will be about a upcoming New York Band, called MENEGUAR, who puts classical indie rock back on the map with their (re-released) "I was born at night" CD/LP. Even a short interview with this band will be included. So be prepared!


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